Welcome to LeaderWorks

Welcome to LeaderWorks. This is starting as an experiment, a deviation from the status quo, and a scary addition to what is already a full-time job.

I’m a sales maker. Specifically, I’m a sales leader, but I’ve always been in sales. Since I was selling butter cookies in my teens, door-to-door in Caracas with my friend Alejandro Wills, to selling advertising, pharmaceuticals or technology, I’ve always enjoyed selling. The interaction with people, the conversations, the challenge of understanding needs and solving problems, even the thrill of closing a deal, I love it all. I am PROUD to be a professional sales maker and sales leader, but I’ve not always been so comfortable with my chosen path in life. I flirted with other roles, driven sometimes by a desire to expand my skillset, sometimes because of burnout in a particular role. I spent years in sales operations, close to the “factory floor”. I did some consulting, I even did a stint in marketing, and I enjoyed every single one of those roles and cherish every experience and skill acquired along the way. In fact, I consider myself to be a much better seller *because* of those experiences. But eventually, I heard the siren song of Sales again, that intense desire to engage directly with customers, to learn about their businesses and their problems and how I can help solve them. And yes, I missed the intensity of the sales role, the thrill of the hunt, the desire to prove myself and to see the fruit of my hard work really well compensated.

Today, I lead a great sales organization in a great company, supporting fantastic customers. Most of my time is spent identifying, recruiting, retaining, developing and promoting key talent, both sales leaders and individual sales makers. It has been both the most rewarding job of my 20+ years in sales, and the most humbling. Piecing together a disparate group of individuals, representing three generations, multiple geographies and significant diversity into a cohesive team of high-performing sellers has been all-consuming, frustrating, exhilarating, exasperating and deeply fulfilling all at the same time. I’ve learned enough for a lifetime of sales leadership in just the last 4 years!

I started this project because I have a lot to say and a lot to share about these experiences. I want to be as transparent and authentic here as I am in my day-to-day, and I promise not to hold back. I want to talk about the dynamics of sales, the highs and lows, the process, the data, the science, the art. I want to find the next generation of sales talent in this country, and help prepare you to take over the reins. I want to change what the face of sales looks like, how we view each other, and how we develop. I want to highlight posts by great sales leaders and aspiring sales makers, I want to activate conversations, and I hope you come with me on this journey!


Henry Cubillan

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